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​​Potzys Custom Upholstery Services

Motorcycle and snowmobile seats

​After all these years I'm actually still amazed what can be done with one seat and turn it into something entirely different! That's fun for me,  Dealing with a customer on his/her level and try to create what they envision as "Their" seat. Just remember, the options are endless! custom motorcycle seats and snowmobile seats are one of our expertises.Potzys understands that there is not one motorcycle owner out there who is 100% satisfied with the shape of their seat, seat materials, the color of their seats, the style of their seat,,,, there is always something, if I ask, that they would choose to change. We understand that! That's one of the main reasons we are here. Motorcycle seat foam modification is huge. Re-shaping of the foam can make the bike feel like a new machine. Foam re-shaping, foam creation. all new foam. Almost an infinite amount of materials and colors you can choose from all of which are UV resistant and mildew resistant. Top of the line Marine materials. Seat heaters is another option I find is quite popular with people who like to get the most out of the season. Custom motorcycle seats are big and keep in mind, we need to have some great communication so I can be your third hand in order to help you to realize your vision. custom upholstery and seat repair is our speciality.

Boat seats, boat tops / Marine

I have taken some serious time to acquire an unbelievable amount of marine grade materials which are all UV resistant mildew resistant and will stand the test of time. Feel free to come down and have a look at my samples to create your own interior. At Potzy's, we specialize in boat seat upholstery and boat seat repair. Boat tops, Bimini tops, boat carpet and cushion fabrication. 
Boat seat upholstery is another great winter past time for me. Freshen up that vessel and get ready for the spring,,, or if its a resale,,,, make some money on your sale with fresh upholstery.. We do boat tops boat seats and carpets, everything to do with the upholstery of a boat we will perform to your expectations and perhaps Beyond.

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​Automotive upholstery

Custom car seat Upholstery, OEM car seat upholstery, seat heaters, and seat coolers,  headliner repair and recovering, supplied seat covers installed, convertible top repair and installation,  vinyl roof's. Truck and suv Bolster  repair and foam repair as well as power sunroof repair.. 
Everything from Big restoration jobs all the way down to ford power sunroof repair or just gluing your headliner back up because of a water leak,,, we will do it all. Automotive Interiors are our specialty. OEM AND OEE factory material f​or,  Dodge,jeep, fiat, Rams, Chevy pickup trucks, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge, ford, f150, f250, chrysler, kia, honda,toyota,nissan,mercedes, bmw, audi, all makes and models, you name it! ​

​​​​​About Potzy's Upholstery

Potzys custom upholstery services will handle all your custom motorcycle seats to your pick up truck bolster repair and everything in between. Boats included. seat repair

​We provide quality and professional  upholstery and sunroof repair services for the Southwestern Ontario Area.  Everything from OEM car seat and truck seat upholstery, specialized custom upholstery, boat seat upholstery and boat tops, motorcycle and snowmobile seat upholstery. 

Potzys also services commercial accounts, restaurants, medical, as well as dental chairs. We can fabricate, re-stitch, re-sew and re-upholster anything!

For most newer vehicles, we work closely withcanada Seat Skins.  Pui who have a wide variety of restoration and interior upholstery products along with Early Birds, Legendary Auto Interiors and yearone.com who specializes in later model north american vehicles for you restoration enthusiasts. 

​We take pride in our OEM car material access for your car seat repair needs. Ford F150 pickup, Dodge Ram pickup, GMC Sierra pickup trucks and more, all need seat repair and foam repair on the left bolster. Now you know where I am.