best upholstery company in ontario

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​At Potzy's, we don't want to see you back, unless it's for new work to be completed since you were so happy with our upholstery services. With 35 years of Upholstering Expertise, Potzy's has seen it all. custom upholstery, automotive upholstery, power sunroof repair and boat seat upholstery are just some of our talents. auto upholstery

Automotive licensed body man and painter, then I came across a Wonderful World of Automotive customizing & Restoration in the upholstery forum in 1984 when I started with Apple Auto glass. At that time they were in their infancy and to also supported and provided their customers with upholstery services.
Several years ago Apple autoglass was bought by Speedy Auto Glass who no longer provide upholstery support to their franchisees. I took it upon myself three years ago to start Potzys Upholstery. Since that time I've been absolutely amazed at the demand for Quality upholstery work either custom upholstery car seats, Automotive upholstery in general, boat seat upholstery and boat tops, Automotive carpeting, seat covers, truck seat repair,,,power sunroof repair,,,  the list goes on but one thing people are looking for is quality work at a reasonable price. Enter Potzy's! With over 30 years upholstery experience,,but not only experience,,, I actually love doing it! Custom work or I will bring your vehicle back to its original state and seeing the customers face makes it very cool. I think you will find us friendly, honest, with tons of integrity and we usually just say it how it is.
We hope to see you at our new location 348 Guelph Street unit number 17 in Georgetown it's a big step but I think it will all be worth it. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.